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Black Zinc Ingots (Gomati)

What are Zinc Ingots ?

Zinc ingots are like little bricks that are made out of a special metal called zinc. Zinc is a metal that is used in many different things, like batteries, paint, and Galvanising Industry etc.

Zinc ingots are made by heating up zinc until it becomes a liquid, and then pouring it into special molds to cool and harden into the ingot shape. These ingots can then be used in many different ways, like making other metal products, or even to protect things from rusting.

One of the most common uses of zinc ingots is to make something called galvanized steel. This is a type of metal that is coated in a layer of zinc to protect it from rusting. Zinc ingots are also used to make alloys, which are special blends of metals used for specific purposes, like in electronics or construction.

So, in summary, zinc ingots are little bricks made out of a metal called zinc, and they can be used to make other metal products, protect things from rusting, and even to make special blends of metals.

What are Black Zinc Ingots?

 Black zinc ingots are a type of zinc ingot that are majorly used for galvanising and is typically produced using secondary raw materials such as recycled zinc scrap.

This results in a darker color and a lower purity level compared to white zinc ingots.

Applications of black zinc ingots include:

1.     Galvanizing: Black zinc ingots can be used in the galvanizing process to protect steel from corrosion.

2.     Die-casting: They can also be used in die-casting applications to produce various products such as automotive parts, household appliances, and electronics.

3.     Zinc oxide production: Black zinc ingots can be used to produce zinc oxide, which is used in the rubber, paint, and pharmaceutical industries.

4.     Chemical production: They can also be used in the production of various chemicals such as zinc sulfide, zinc phosphate, and zinc stearate.

5.     Battery manufacturing: Black zinc ingots are also used in the production of batteries, particularly in the production of anodes for alkaline batteries.

6.     Roofing: Black zinc ingots can be used in the production of roofing materials, such as zinc shingles and zinc standing seam panels.

7.     Agriculture: Zinc is an important micronutrient for plants, and black zinc ingots can be used in agricultural applications to provide this nutrient to crops.

8.     Building and construction: Black zinc ingots can be used in the construction of buildings and infrastructure, such as bridges and highways.

9.     Marine applications: Zinc is also used in marine applications to protect against corrosion, and black zinc ingots can be used for this purpose.

10.     Other industrial applications: Black zinc ingots have a variety of other industrial applications, such as in the production of pigments, lubricants, and alloys

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